Ghosts of my Past

Life brings tears, smiles and memories. Tears dry, smiles fade but memories last forever.

We all love to cherish memories, the good old times. Memory can be dangerous as it can infiltrate the most brilliant minds. Social media is hell-bent on ensuring that we cling on to our memories. It has turned into a hub for exploring business opportunities and appears to be a gateway to something big.

A first of its kind, I am penning down a post inspired by a movie. The story had a beginning, a middle, and an end. The fact that intrigued me the most was the projection of our future. By all possible means, humans will find a way to screw up all essentials. The future looks bleak and the only source of happiness is memories.

“Money can’t buy happiness”-is a well-known proverb.

The scriptwriters were well aware that they were to make a mockery of it. The story spins off with the protagonist wielding a machine that makes us relive our most precious memories. It becomes so addictive that people of all creeds are willing to pay for it. The story then takes a subdued path where the antagonist and other support characters turn it into a regular movie. I had the patience and time to watch if there was anything else that would entice me. It was a routine movie with some massive actors in the lead.

I started wondering about the logic behind memories. When do we rely on them? When are they created? I pondered and started surfing through my archives. My pleasant memories dated way back to 2009, according to Google.


This one was on the eve of our college day festival when we thought the joy was along the East Coast road. We had some real spooky experiences along the shores of ECR. The experience was surreal. We had no clue how the photos that were taken in 2009 were dated back to 1977 in our Digital camera. I still remember one of us having a running temperature the next day. The sequence of events that unfolded was hilarious.

Never could you find me at the address mentioned on my identity proofs. We would sip a coffee and discuss about how nonchalant the days were. The next thing that we could recollect was our packed bags. The journeys brought so much energy and life into a rather dull weekend. Each time I returned home, I was a different person altogether. One such destination was the Ennore port. We have been here a couple of times. I wouldn’t recommend this place for solo travelers as it is eerie. Good companionship is essential for our own safety and for capturing some stunning clicks.

We were crazy enough to ride a pillion from Chennai to Kodaikanal. There is nothing crazy about a bike ride except being under-prepared. The planning was pathetic. It was one of the nightmarish tours I ever had to be under. We were lucky to be back alive and in one piece. But the pillion was never back in shape again.

Those were the days when life was a simple puzzle to solve. Laugh your hearts out with beloved ones, eat as much as you like, pack your bags, and travel as far as you wish. Nothing has changed now in my life. I have a wonderful partner to travel with. At times when I sit back and traverse through my archives, I wish to relive these days of exuberance.

After Thirty-three years, I never imagined there would be a time when I would have to relocate from Chennai. It’s never easy to part from the people who loved us. We were honored to have connected to all the wonderful people who filled our home with love.

To every bird, its own nest is beautiful just like no matter how much you have seen the world nothing is as beautiful and comforting as one’s home.

A quick detour into our lovely space we called home!!!

I am leaving behind everything I have known so far and moving into uncertainty. Hopefully, this change will bring in refreshing ideas. I am excited about meeting new people and making new travel plans. But wherever I am, a part of me will miss everyone in the pictures below.

Back to where I started, if the plot explained in the movie were to occur in the future, I would have plenty of options to choose from. I am on the path to making a few more options. I will walk you through all those experiences through my blogs.

If you were to revisit your memories, which one would that be? Do let me know !!

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