• Who am i?
    Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle You cannot and will not be able to know your true-self until you take the time to be still, look around what’s happening, and allow your flaws to stare back at you. Hold on to your horses; this isn’t a spiritual journey. The quest toContinue reading “Who am i?”
  • Kerala – God’s own country
    A place where the heart has answers for the mind.
  • How to earn in millions ?
    This topic can turn more heads than any of my previous posts. I did choose the topic intentionally and would be happy if it serves the purpose. So, for those who don’t have time and are looking for a quick solution, the best tip to double your money is to fold it over and putContinue reading “How to earn in millions ?”
  • The curious case of US Elections -2020
    Ever since the commencement of presidential race I was wondering about the curiosity that drove the world to have a fish eye on the results. No wonder the memes started pouring in. So, what exactly were we looking for ? Was Mrs.Kamala Harris the ‘X’ factor? Or Mr.Trump’s fate created the peculiarity? Honestly, I amContinue reading “The curious case of US Elections -2020”
  • Mosquitoes are Greedy
    When someone mentions the term “world’s deadliest animal” you probably start thinking of sharks, tigers, crocodiles and other fierce creatures. Well, it may shock you to learn that it’s actually mosquitoes. Why? Well, it’s down to the harmful diseases that they are known to spread. There was a time when malaria and dengue were theContinue reading “Mosquitoes are Greedy”
  • 666- The number of the beast
    The audacity to even think of writing an article on 666 can bring curtains to my new career as a blogger. I woke up to the idea of breaking the shackles and writing a minuscule article- anything other than my traveling experience. So, what can I choose as a reader that will make me curious?Continue reading “666- The number of the beast”
  • What if I fall and develop wings ? -London
    Just like any Software engineer I had the luxury of traveling to London. Though the trip was spanned over a period of 14 days I intended to make the most of it. My best friend was already in London as a part of his work too. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more. So withContinue reading “What if I fall and develop wings ? -London”
  • Akkarai Beach – Lockdown Ice Breaker
    193 – Wondering what this number indicates? There are no facts and trivia attached to this number over the internet other than it’s mathematical nuances. I am not sure if the governing body will approve the below fact as trivia as well. But I am glad that 193 will be remembered as the number ofContinue reading “Akkarai Beach – Lockdown Ice Breaker”
  • Mana – Uttarakhand
    Mana is believed to be crossed by Pandavas during their final journey to heaven. Having witnessed river Saraswathi glittering and making its way across the landscape, massive mountains splitting the clouds, tiny houses here and there at the foothills of these mountains, I wondered if this was the heaven the Pandavas were looking for. TheContinue reading “Mana – Uttarakhand”
  • Badrinath – Utharakhand
    After completing the journey to the valley of flowers we planned to visit the holy temple “Badrinath”. We hired a cab for INR 2,500 which included visiting Badrinath, Mana, and a few temples on the way back to Joshimath. It took around one hour to reach the temple. Though they serve south Indian recipes inContinue reading “Badrinath – Utharakhand”

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