Mosquitoes are Greedy

When someone mentions the term “world’s deadliest animal” you probably start thinking of sharks, tigers, crocodiles and other fierce creatures. Well, it may shock you to learn that it’s actually mosquitoes. Why? Well, it’s down to the harmful diseases that they are known to spread.

There was a time when malaria and dengue were the most feared outbreak, thanks to COVID, times have changed, but the thirst for blood is still on. Blood is the most valuable liquid for life. Did you know?

  • The human heart pumps 36,000 liters of blood every day
  • On average the blood travels a distance of 20,000 km through the blood vessels, 
  • Pumping approximately 70 ml of blood with each beat. 

The heart pumps almost one million barrels of blood each year. A kitchen tap would require to be put on for 45 years to equal the quantity of blood pumped by an average heart in a lifetime.

Those are the stats of a single individual. Consider the ever-growing population and the demand in-store. Demand? Yes, think of the possibilities where there is a need for blood. The number of accidents that occur on a daily basis, diseases like thalassemia and cancer require extensive blood donors to meet the supply-demand chain. The blood shortage in India has reached an alarming level. In 2016, the blood shortage dropped to  1.9 million units.

Imagine you receiving a call now to participate in a blood donation camp nearby. You being a socially conscious person will donate blood religiously. And at the end of it, when you eat the biscuits and the juices that they provide, you feel so incredibly proud of yourself.Your blood will be used to save someone’s life after all.

Or will it?The truth is ..

  1. Most of them extract plasma out of donated blood and sell it to pharma companies for huge profits.  News Source
  2. We can’t throw out the fact that blood is sold illegally at a higher price to those who can afford it.   News Source
  3. Would you believe if I told you that there is a taboo attached to transferring blood from low caste people?  
  4. Blood agents are always equipped with people below the poverty line who donate blood as much as 3-4 times a week. It’s like a dairy farm, but for blood.
  5. Of the 62 blood banks in Odisha, 58 were found to be working on an expired license. Some of them have been functioning without a license since 1999. Source:
  6. If you can digest this, even blood is adulterated with water and saline solution. News Source
  7. The illegal blood industry is a whopping 300 crores rupees industry and growing

Truly, the mosquitoes are growing greedier day by day. 

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