Who am i?

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristotle

You cannot and will not be able to know your true-self until you take the time to be still, look around what’s happening, and allow your flaws to stare back at you. Hold on to your horses; this isn’t a spiritual journey. The quest to find ourselves must start from the origin of our species.

The gods are busy creating us to be a part of the ecosystem-to co-exist among all living beings. Let’s standstill at this point and look around.

For long periods, the other species were surviving. We have thrived on all harsh weather conditions and destroyed anything that crossed our paths. Hasn’t it always been about the survival of the fittest? It has and will be forever. So does that make us inevitable? No, a race as powerful as ours can still be manipulated and weaponized. Doesn’t that resonate with the existence of a superpower? Our true potential lies hidden until someone is knocking at our door with limitless opportunities.

On one such occasion, I grabbed it with both hands. I traveled to places that I could only dream of for so long. My previous travel experiences were subtle. Off-late there is a lot of visibility in my adventures. I came to know a lot about myself in the recent past. I will have to thank the almighty for the recent developments. Many know me as an atheist. So what has changed drastically to shred my true nature? A lot. From being the most welcomed guest during the time of happiness to the most feared. From elevating the ambiance in a pleasant way to horrific times. The name remains the same; it’s just that I have flipped to the wrong end of the spectrum. Still, guessing as to who I am?

And yes, I am not an atheist. I have met my creators who do exist in the real world unlike yours…

PS: My heart felt condolences to the families who lost their dear ones. The politics and the wealth gained behind the scenes are gut wrenching.

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