How to earn in millions ?

This topic can turn more heads than any of my previous posts. I did choose the topic intentionally and would be happy if it serves the purpose. So, for those who don’t have time and are looking for a quick solution, the best tip to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket. The truth is there is no short cut to success. But I do promise that at the end of this article you either find a way to earn millions or save yourself some penny. 

The current population in India is around 1,380,004,385 and about 70% consume meat. Given the number and percentage, imagine the consumption per day and the wealth of the ever-increasing demand. To meet the demand there are popular items and then there are Geographical Indication (GI) tagged items. The latter is just as special as they can get. But here’s one more fact about GI tagged items: one can’t just freely use the tag on any product of their choice. It’s called Darjeeling tea for a reason, you see. One such GI product that is in store for us is the Kadaknath Chicken / Fowl having black flesh.

What makes Kadaknath chicken so special?

It’s the only black meat in India. Several kinds of research have revealed that instead of white-colored chicken, the amount of cholesterol in black meat chicken is very less, and the level of amino acids is high. It is much tastier than native chicken. The flesh, blood, beak, tongue, and body, all are black in color and contain a high amount of protein. And the fat content is very low. Because of it’s nutritious value, it is beneficial for heart patients and diabetes patients.

How to earn money? 

For raising 100 chicks of Kadaknath, you will need 150 square feet of space. And for 1000 Kali Masi, you will need 1500 square feet of space. Remember, the chicken must be raised where an adequate quantity of water and electricity is available. A shed must be constructed for Kadaknath chickens, where sufficient amount of light and air can pass. At the same time, keep in mind that two sheds should not be kept together. And in a shed, only a single breed of chicken can be kept.

The demand for Kadaknath chicken and eggs in the market is huge. It’s one egg costs about INR 50. And you can earn about INR 900 to 1000 per kg of Kadaknath cock. And one-day age’s chick costs about INR 70 to 100.

Arguably, the two icons, spanning across generations have been involved in the race. Imagine if you raise 1000 Kadaknath chickens now, you can earn in Millions.

Having collected all the data to make you rich I browsed the internet to check the availability of the product. Amazon has been so generous to provide the eggs that cost INR 50 at a discounted prices of INR 58.17. Don’t forget that they are providing it after saving you nearly 44% of the intended price in the market (or at least that’s the data their website relays on).

I will do one better, how about you walk to a nearby shop and purchase an egg for INR 5.50 (the current rate at which eggs are sold compared to Kadaknath eggs that are around INR 50). I saved you around 90%, which is for one egg. Now imagine the amount of money saved for the year. A promise made is a debt unpaid.

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